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The Wedding Bridesmaid Review from RedRabbit


I loved this sweet and clean romance. You could say that no good deed goes unpunished for Piper. After leaving her job and home in Portland to move to be near her father as her parents’ divorce, life is like being on the outside looking in. The accounting firm she works for is a job but without any true friends. Being the kind person she is, she has agreed to help three of her co-workers coordinate their weddings at no charge. Still, she is treated with disdain and as an outsider, putting up with three different Bridezilla’s, their demands, attitudes, and abuse. Wedding one brings her to meet Limo driver and owner, Novak Wainwright, the nicest part of any of the weddings.

The plot kept me captivated as a budding romance develops between Novak and Piper, who seem to have the same vision and goals in life. I found the dialog to be open, honest and heartwarming and a few lines to melt the heart.




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Title: The Empress of Ireland
Authors: Jennifer Conner
Score: 4.50 / 5 – Reviewer Top Pick


Jennifer Conner pens the perfect short romance with this Irish tale. Laila Byrne first appears as a workaholic but once she sets foot on Irish soil it’s as if she becomes an entirely different person. I enjoyed her transformation because it seemed so genuine; she still was her authentic self just so much happier. Alasdair is the Irish charmer we all dream of, the man we all want to meet and fall in love with if we ever get the chance to visit Ireland. He is hard working and kind and the love he has for and the care he takes of his grandmother is so endearing that I can’t see how Laila couldn’t fall for him. This is truly the type of fairytale we all want to live and I will live it over and over again every time I reread this beautiful story. If you love romance and the Emerald Isle this sweet story is just the thing for you.
Laila Byrne is devastated when she loses her dear friend and she is determined to keep her final promise to work less and travel more. Laila soon finds herself stranded in Ireland with no place to stay but charming Irishman Alasdair just might have the solution to solve everyone’s needs.

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Great Review for Love Comes for Spring

Love Comes for Spring

This is a fun series and I’m glad to see it continue. Since Kara and her friends all found love and marriage, she approached the girls about adding new friends to the Mobile Mistletoe Club. Kara invites a preschool co-worker, Iris Torrence, into the group. Iris is in a bad live-in relationship with Don, a womanizer and dominate control freak who becomes abusive. Iris is trapped but doesn’t see a way out. Running into her high school sweetheart, Thane Walker, is a shock. Sometimes in life, people have to go through heartache, pain and loss to realize what they have lost and find happiness, and sometimes happiness comes from someone we least expect it from. This is a wonderful addition to the Mobile Mistletoe series with charming characters, witty dialogue and heartwarming scenes. Sometimes a knight in shining armor comes to rescue a damsel in distress riding a motorcycle. Kathy Heare Watts Review Goodreads